Your questions about young entrepreneurs

Lizzie asks…

Do you know of any good books for young entrepreneurs?

For all you entrepreneurs that started out young, do you have any good books that helped you along the way. I’m also open to any advice you have. Thanks!

admin answers:

Well, one of the best things to read is an autobiography of other entrepreneurs. Some you like or that is doing something close to what you want to do. It’s great inspiration. Like did you know make founder of KFC didn’t start his business until he was 66 years old. Colonel Sanders himself. He kept trying until he got it right. Oh yeah, if possible attend as many seminars and workshops about business and entrepreneurship, if you can’t afford to attend find out if they need volunteers you get experience and lots of free info all at once. Good luck.Never give up.

Lisa asks…

Know of any good organizations or websites for young entrepreneurs?

Is there any good organizations and forums/websites for young entrepreneurs?

admin answers:

Here are some of them:
Young Entrepreneurs Summit
NFIB Young Entrepreneurs Foundation

Recommended Books:

- The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business : NEW: Use the Internet to jump-start your company; Find out where the money is… and … ideas, from pet care to public relations; (Paperback) by Steve Mariotti
- The Young Entrepreneur’s Edge : Using Your Ambition, Independence, and Youth to Launch a Succesful Business (Princeton Review Series) by Jennifer Kushell
- Better Than a Lemonade Stand: Small Business Ideas for Kids (Kid’s Books By Kids) by Daryl Bernstein
- How to be a Teenage Millionaire by T.R. Adams
- Upstart Start-Ups!: How 34 Young Entrepreneurs Overcame Youth, Inexperience, and Lack of Money to Create Thriving Businesses by Ron Lieber
- Whiz Teens In Business by Danielle Valle’E

Donald asks…

Is P Diddy a good role model for young entrepreneurs?

Maybe I just don’t get it. I’ve watched some of his shows.Not that he’s not talented and he certainly has more than enough money. But its all going towards music and gangsta rap and making the friggen band. If he’s so interested in helping young people, has he done anything to encourage them concerning obtaining higher education?

admin answers:

no he makes bad songs no talent no nothing lilwayne is everybodys role model im serious.

Linda asks…

What are the best websites for young entrepreneurs?

I’m co-founder of I’ve heard of and several of the other most popular ones. Are there any other cool sites you guys know of that perhaps aren’t so popular yet? Any suggestions are appreciated.

admin answers:, n

Mandy asks…

Are there any strong leaders, mintors or groups that help groom young entrepreneurs?

Im a young man willing to work hard and eger to learn.

admin answers:

Yes there are quite a few.

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